Founded in 2004, the registered capital of Qingdao Miuton Medical Co., Ltd., manufacturing and sales of 24 million 860 thousand yuan of registered capital ".
Companies to converge on the many doctor, master and other senior professionals, in screening project, research development, industrialization production has accumulated rich experience in medical apparatus and instruments, always adhere to the "product research and development and the transformation of achievements," the principle of equal importance and Ocean University of China, Toronto University, Shandong Provincial Hospital and other domestic and foreign well-known research institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in the long-term and extensive cooperation, with the "Qingdao marine biological medical technologist workstation".
In2012 by the Ministry of Commerce, China pharmaceutical supplies Association as a "AAA" good faith enterprise.
In 2014 by the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as an international cooperation base. Ming medicine hall trademark was included in the famous brand in Shandong province.
Company independent research and development of more than 30 new products, access to national patent licensing 14, including: invention patents 8, the utility model 6. Two scientific research results, "medical disinfection ultrasound coupling agent", "nano silver chitosan bio medical wound dressing" has been assessed to reach the international advanced level.
July 2015 in three new board listed. The company will take advantage of the opportunity to enter the capital market, the absorption of heavyweight strategic partner to join, do a good job to attract investment and mergers and acquisitions, capacity expansion, bigger market, to achieve production capacity, financial double drive. Plans to introduce equity investment 60 million yuan of funds, for ultra smooth antibacterial catheter project start-up and chitin modified materials in the field of Medical Devices Application of project development, the ultra smooth antimicrobial catheter project is the Ministry of science and technology of major international cooperation project; chitin modified material in the medical appliance field application projects, won the Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the first batch of key projects put in storage. The company is preparing to introduce SIEMENS full automatic production line equipment, which will enable the company to produce and packaging to achieve a qualitative leap. Currently ERP management system has been running, 13485 quality management system and GE certification in succession on the line.
The company has a good sales channels and first-class sales force, the company chairman Mr. Li Yuqiang is doctor of business administration, vice president of the president of China Association of pharmaceutical substances; chairman of the Commerce Committee; vice chairman of the Chinese growth type pharmaceutical enterprise development forum; Qilu pharmaceutical combination, director of the organization. For many years engaged in pharmaceutical products research and development and the management work, and has the strategic leadership of the entrepreneur, thought leadership, vision, leadership and charismatic leadership; communication network with a wide range of established a good network of resources; has a strong development ability and the ability of planning, and has rich experience in technology research, market development, strategy formulation and team management aspects, is particularly good at screening market demand and grasp the opportunity, can successfully advanced the industrialization of research results. Qingdao city in 2014 was named the top ten business figures.
In May 2014, the company and the Qingdao high tech Zone signed a 40 acres of land (26666.7 square meters) land transfer contract, as the company's strategic reserves. Three years, the company will invest huge sums of money to build production and R & D base in line with GMP standards to meet the needs of the company's rapid development.
"Ming zhe Xingbang, medicine economic beings" medicine hall with social responsibility, responsibility for working on the research and development of new medical devices, for the public health escort.
EC Declaration of Conformity Miuton SGS factory audit report
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